Tuchel-Sweep ECO

The right sweeping-machine in the right place!

This machine has especially been designed for all demands in agriculture and its price-performance ratio is really convincing. You can attach the ECO to your tractor or yard loader, but also to small fork-lifts. The universally applicable and hard-wearing PP-brush sweeps both fine and coarse dirt without any difficulty.
Working width:  150  /  180  /  230  /  260  cm

Basic equipment:

  • Brush: Ø 520 mm,
    full brush 100 % PP
  • Mechanical angling
  • Splash guard
  • Hydraulic drive by a high-capacity hydraulic motor
  • Height adjustable brand-named support-wheels: Ø 200 x 50 mm

Hitch systems:

  • Three-point linkage
  • Yard loader- / Front loader attachment
  • Fork-tine attachment
  • A-frame

Each machine can be configurated individually according to your requirements.
For further technical details and equipment, please refer to the leaflet.