Tuchel-Sweep IDEAL 650

Sweeping without dusting – made to ideal measure!

This sweeping-machine is suitable for exterior and interior application in industry and construction. The IDEAL distinguishes itself by the special broom which is hung up in a pendulating manner and by its dust-proof casing. Thus it’s the ideal sweeping-machine for cleaning halls.
Working width:  130  /  150  /  180  /  210  cm

Basic equipment:

  • Brush Ø 650 mm, 100 % PP, mixed brush
  • Internal, strong hydraulic motor incl. double pressure limit valve
  • Pendulating broom incl. ground pressure adjustment
  • Large hopper, incl. hydraulic emptying
  • PU-lip
  • Dust protection revetment
  • 3rd support-wheel
  • For coarse and fine dirt
  • Brand-named wheels Ø 250 x 60 mm
Hitch systems:

  • Fork-tine attachment
  • Mixed attachment system, consisting of fork-tine attachment and wheel loader quick-hitch
  • Mixed attachment system, consisting of three-point linkage and fork-tine attachment

Each machine can be configurated individually according to your requirements.
For further technical details and equipment, please refer to the leaflet.